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simply busy … but with news!

I’ve been the worst poster known! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy with the Etsy shop and my incredible clients. And more…

Now that I have a breather, here’s the news: I’ve added birth announcements, baby shower invitations and baby gift thank you notes to my shop. You can take a look here and get all the details at the Etsy shop. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but just couldn’t find the time — these designs have been rattling around in my head for months! Finally I found the time to concentrate and give them a lot of my attention and energy. I wanted them to be fresh and fun, modern but still packed with that sense of joy and love that always surrounds the special event of bringing a new member into the family.

And how that new member comes into your life is as varied as his or her baby footprints! Maybe you’ve waited for an international bundle of joy, travelling thousands of miles to bring your child home. Maybe you found a loving surrogate to join you as mother for your baby. Maybe you are an LGBT couple celebrating a most special birth or adoption. All and any ways you bring a life into your family will be celebrated and I will work with you on the perfect wording for your birth or adoption announcements, baby shower invitations and baby gift thank you notes. Talk to me!

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