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Quiet … travel … and Summer


Windemere, view from Orrest Head

Have been a very, very bad poster of late but so much is going on that posting here dropped to the bottom.

In the last couple of months had bunches of awesome clients, travelled to the UK and the chilly coast of Maine and now feel propelled into Summer which for me is a kind of quiet time.

So, thank you to my amazing clients and their incredibly clever adaptations of my designs — almost a treat since there are endless ways to actually add personal touches to any of my designs.

And thank you to the leaders of our trip to the UK — we were tracing the steps of the New England Transcendentalists instead of touring tourist sites, which means we visited Carlyle’s home in Chelsea instead of the Tower and a Dickens exhibit instead of the Changing of the Guards…….. but, so amazing! And, for the record, Edinburgh is fantastic and I want to go right back!

I promise to update here on some esoteric typographical info soon but for right now, chill out it’s Summer!

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