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simple … kerning

It seems truly ridiculous to care or even notice the amount of space between letters of any given word in any printed headline or text presentation. However, those teeny spaces and the relative increments between letters is HUGE! Yup, I care about kerning! Oh my, geek typographic stuff enters here……. kerning is the bit of space that can be altered between each letter in a given word — not space (ie space-bar space) that some program gives you between letters but the exact space YOU decide needs to be there — or not. It’s all about your eye and control. Your eye sees these bits of space and your application (if it’s at all sensitive) gives you the control to increase or decrease the space between letters. It’s highly subjective and ultimately inconsequential to most folks. Not to me! I care about how my headlines or featured text is spaced. Your names on your wedding invitation need to be Just So!

So, really to answer a question about why you might chose a designer for your wedding invitations, that’s what you’re buying when you select me or another careful, thoughtful, trained graphic/typographic designer to work with you to create your wedding invitations. You’re buying our knowledge and understanding about the beauty and integrity of wonderful typography — nothing more nothing less.

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